The BVG customer council

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No-one knows us better than our passengers, which is why we want to benefit from their experience. The BVG customer council, a committee of 30 BVG passengers from all customer groups, exists to make this a reality. Members of the customer council are appointed for two years.

members of the customer council

All customer groups are represented, from teenagers to pensioners, including passengers with reduced mobility. The committee is fronted by a spokesperson, and all work on the customer council is performed in an honorary capacity. Depending on their age, reason for travelling and particular needs, people have different expectations of the BVG: some value frequent services, good connections and electronic information systems, while others want clear directions and user-friendly ticket machines. Young party-goers are most concerned about night services, families desire space for their buggies and senior citizens maybe want information to be printed in a larger font. All of them get a hearing on the customer council, which is made up of not just frequent travellers with season tickets but also passengers who only use public transport occasionally.

work of the customer council

The customer council meets at irregular intervals throughout the year to take a look behind the scenes at the BVG. These get-togethers, however, are not like formal meetings; their nature is rather that of an on-site visit. The customer council is involved in key decision-making processes such as the choice of underground seating. We let the customer council hold up a mirror to us and actively use its suggestions to improve customer satisfaction levels. The unbiased view from outside the company is very important to us and helps to prevent us seeing things in proverbial ‘tunnel vision’.

Mitglied im Kundenrat werden
Wenn Sie Interesse haben, im Kundenrat mitzuarbeiten, achten Sie bitte auf Veröffentlichungen in unserem Kundenmagazin PLUS oder an dieser Stelle. Im Januar und Februar 2015 suchen wir wieder neue Mitglieder.