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Monthly Bicycle Ticket

Fahrradmitnahme in Fahrzeugen der BVG: U-Bahn

The bicycle tariff for the whole month.

With the Monthly Bicycle Ticket you can travel with your bicycle for a whole month, as often as you like, on urban rail and underground trains, on regional rail transport, and on trams, in the designated carriages, provided sufficient space is available (if necessary, the staff will decide).

Monthly Bicycle Tickets are transferable.

Monthly Bicycle Tickets are available in two forms:

  • as monthly tickets for a calendar month
    These are valid from midnight at the start of the last calendar day of the previous month until midnight at the end of the first calendar day of the following month.


  • as monthly tickets valid from any day
    These are valid from midnight at the start of the first day of validity printed on the ticket until midnight at the ned of the last day of validity printed on the ticket.

Please note:

Monthly Bicycle Tickets are not available by subscription or as annual season tickets.

Further information about ticket prices and conditions can be found here: Tarifübersicht

tariff information

ticket scope price in €
Monthly Bicycle Pass Berlin AB 10,00
Monthly Bicycle Pass Berlin ABC 12,50
Monthly Bicycle Pass VBB-Gesamtnetz 20,00

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