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Since 29 June 2021, a highly automated shuttle has again been operating on the ‘See-Meile’ route. There is also another new route that will initially be served by another vehicle: from the western end of the Alt-Tegel pedestrian zone through the adjacent residential area.

The BVG and its project partners are trialling highly automated shuttles in the Alt-Tegel neighbourhood. The electric shuttles, driverless but with an on-board attendant, are being used on two routes: 328A connects Alt-Tegel underground station with Lake Tegel. On the popular ‘See-Meile’ route, a highly automated shuttle was successfully tested between August 2019 and January 2020. Now there’s also route 328B, which runs in the adjacent residential area, navigates junctions and a roundabout, and takes passengers to the Alt-Tegel pedestrian zone.

The continuation and expansion of the ‘See-Meile’ is part of the Shuttles&Co research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, which is expected to run until mid-2022. Find out more about Shuttles&Co and the Digital Urban Traffic Test Bed here.

So hop on and find out what it feels like to ride on this comfortable, environmentally-friendly shuttle from Alt-Tegel underground station to Lake Tegel and the adjacent residential area.

Come along for a free ride!