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The Deutschland Ticketas BVG subscription

You don't have a BVG subscription yet? Then find out here how you can become a customer and order your Deutschland Ticket.

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If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it here:

Already have a BVG subscription? 

Then switch online by the 20th of the previous month from your existing subscription to the BVG Deutschlandticket in order to continue traveling throughout Germany in the following month. A change after the 20th is only possible via one of our customer centers. For €49 per month, the Deutschland Ticket gives you the opportunity to use all means of public transport, including regional transport, throughout Germany.
You are an annual payer? Then find out more about our switching process.

If you already manage your subscription online or are registered in one of our apps (ticket app, Fahrinfo app, Jelbi or etc.), then log in with these access data. If not, you have to register again.

Be aware when switching or purchasing your subscription to do it with your own BVG account and not previously registered accounts of e.g. other family members since the Deutschlandticket will be personalised to the owner of the account.

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Full benefits at a glance

  • Great price

    €49 a month by subscription. Compare our subscriptions here

  • Easy

    One ticket for all local and regional transport in Germany.

  • Flexible

    To start off your Deutschland Ticket subscription, you can choose between a personalised, electronic fahrCard or a digital smartphone ticket in your BVG app.

It’s your choice: smartphone app or electronic FahrCard

While switching over, simply select whether you’d like your Deutschland Ticket in one of the BVG apps (Jelbi app, Ticket app, and Fahrinfo app) or if you’d prefer the electronic fahrCard.


Switch to the Deutschlandticket in 3 steps

1. Log in
  1. Log in with existing BVG account
    Click on "Change subscription now" at the top of this page and log in there with your access data (also from one of the BVG apps).
  2. Log in without existing BVG account
    Click “Change subscription now” on top of this page und keep your customer number ready. You can find your customer number [Kundennummer] in all letters or e-mails. Register for an account and activate it via your confirmation e-mail. Your login details are identical for all BVG apps as well as your BVG account. This is important, for example, to display subscriptions in a BVG app.
2. Choose a product
  • You find your current subscriptions under “Abo bearbeiten” [change subscription].
  • Here you can choose “Tarif wechseln” [switch subscription] to switch your subscription.

If you’re a monthly payer, you do not have to cancel your current subscription.
If you’re an annual payer, please read the section “Annual payer”.

3. Switch subscription
  • Select your desired “Wechseldatum” [date of switch] (1st May 2023 at the earliest) and the Deutschlandticket as “Abo-Produkt” [new subscription].
  • You can now choose either an electronic fahrCard (chip card) or a Handyticket [smartphone ticket].
  • If you choose a smartphone ticket:
    You will get a €25 voucher for sharing mobility in the Jelbi app. Your ticket will automatically be displayed in all our apps (Jelbi app, Ticket app, Fahrinfo app) after you log in from the start of validity.
  • If you choose a fahrCard:
    our current fahrCard remains valid beyond 1st May 2023 until we send you a new one.
Attention, annual payers!
  • If you’re an annual payer, the first step is to cancel your current subscription. To do so, log into your BVG account and select “Abo kündigen” [cancel subscription]. Choose “Wechsel zum Deutschlandticket” as “Kündigungsgrund“ [reason for cancellation], if you don‘t have that option choose “Ordentliche Kündigung/Wechsel zum Deutschlandticket“. This is a special reason for cancelation; therefore, no additional costs will result of your cancelation.
  • Now you can subscribe to the Deutschlandticket under “Abo bestellen” [start subscription].
  • If you switch online, you will have the option to choose a Handyticket [smartphone ticket]. This saves plastic and gets you a €25 voucher for sharing mobility in the Jelbi app.

Do you still have questions?

Our answers to your questions

Compare our products

Deutschland TicketCompare with
Area of applicationGermany-wide
Price per month49 €66,90 €
Take along child under 6 years
Take along a personTake along a person
Take along a dogTake along a dog
Take along a bicycle
  1. Mon-Fri from 8pm until 3am the following day. Sat, Sun, holidays, 24 & 31 Dec all day up to four people, with only one person older than 14 years. 
  2. With the Deutschland Ticket, a dog may be taken along free of charge in Berlin/Brandenburg, i.e. in the VBB area. This regulation does not apply nationwide.