Ticket Control

Everything you need to know about ticket controls and increased transportation charges (EBE)

We know that you would never intentionally travel without a valid ticket. But sometimes you have a bad day, forget your fahrCard at home, or are unable to buy a ticket because you had to catch that one train at all costs. We understand that.

Nevertheless, according to the VBB tariff regulations (only in German), every passenger is required to have a valid ticket. If you do not do this and are caught by our control personnel, you will be charged a so-called increased transportation fee, EBE for short, and receive the following note:

Darstellung der Quittung, die ein Kunde beim Fahren ohne Fahrausweis von der kontrollierenden Person ausgehändigt bekommt

Now there are two possible scenarios:

  1. You have a personalized BVG subscription, but have forgotten your fahrCard. 
    In this case, you have 7 days to prove that you were the owner of the fahrCard at the time of the ticket control and will only have to pay a processing fee of €7 instead of the €60 fine. In order to do this, you no longer need to visit our customer center, but can simply do so online.
  2. You did not have a valid ticket at the time of the ticket control - for whatever reason.
    In this case you have to bite the bullet and pay the full 60 € fine. You can now do this online as well, and even pay in installments if necessary. 

For more information on ticket controls and increased transportation charges, click here.