The 9-euro-ticket

Our huge offer

  • June until August 2022
  • Travel all over Germany
  • 9 € per month
  • Subscribers benefit automatically

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  • Germany-wide validity in public transport and in regional transport of the 2nd class
  • Any number of journeys within the area of validity
  • Person-bound and not transferable to other persons

Period of validity

  • Valid from the first day of the imprinted calendar month 00:00 o'clock to the last day of the imprinted calendar month 23:59 o'clock

Free carry

  • Children under 6 years
  • Hand luggage, baby carriages, wheelchairs and other orthopaedic aids, such as walkers.


  • BVG apps
  • BVG customer centers, travel markets and agencies
  • Ticket vending machines
  • Not on buses and trams