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Request corporate ticket framework agreement

Company details
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How many employees work at your locations throughout Germany?

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Contract signatory

Who signs for the company?

Contact person

Who is our contact person for the company ticket contract agreement?

As contact person, you will be responsible for communication with the BVG as well as administrative tasks such as coordinating company ticket orders, changing personal data, cancelling company tickets, and much more.

Contract variations

Here you can have a look at the two contract variations in advance:
Sample direct debit contract
Sample invoice contract

Which contract would you like to enter into?
Contract details
When should the company ticket start?
How much do you want to contribute as a company?

The employer contribution can be adjusted individually, provided that the minimum amount is maintained.

Please note that the Deutschlandticket Job requires a minimum subsidy of 25% on the price of the Deutschlandticket (currently this corresponds to €12.25).

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