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BVG corporate ticket

For employers

A corporate subscription is a real win for you and your team. Your company’s already on board? You, as the contact, can then deal with your concerns conveniently on the BVG corporate portal.

Comparison between the Deutschland ticket Job and the VBB corporate ticket (example)

Deutschland ticket JobVBB corporate ticket
Area of validityGermany-widee.g. Berlin AB
Base price49 €71,40 €
Minimum employer contribution- 12,25 €e.g. - 15 €
BVG discount- 2,45 €e.g. - 8 €
Price per month for employeesPrice per month for employeesmax. 34,30 €48,40 €
  1. Price depends on the area of validity, the variable minimum employer contribution, and the BVG discount (for the VBB corporate ticket, either the employer contribution is €15 and the BVG discount is €8, or the employer contribution is €10 and the BVG discount is €4). 

Five steps to a BVG corporate ticket:

  1. Find 5 employees.
  2. Fill out the online contract. You will also be able to download and print it out.
  3. The corporate ticket agreement will be sent to you via e-mail. Print it out, sign it and send it back to us.
  4. Your employees fill out the application in our order portal.
  5. The ticket will be sent to your employees as an electronic chip card, either to the company or directly to the employees' homes.
Finalize contract now

Your questions, our answers

We’d like to sign our company up for a corporate ticket agreement. What are the requirements and what do we need to do?

For you, the employer, to sign up for a corporate ticket agreement, at least five of your employees need to be participating in the scheme at all times. You must also agree to contribute at least €10 per employee and month for the VBB corporate ticket and at least 25% per month (currently equivalent to €12.25) for the Deutschland ticket Job.

Sound good? Then send us your request for a corporate ticket agreement.

My employees are leaving the company. What do I need to do?

When an employment relationship ends, the employee is no longer entitled to a VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland ticket Job. The contact person at the company therefore needs to cancel it via the BVG corporate portal.

How is the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland ticket Job treated for tax purposes?

Travel allowances for public transport may be tax-free. Information can be found in the current income tax law (Section 3(15)). The company is responsible for proper tax handling of the employer contribution.

What access data do we receive to allow us to order and manage the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland ticket Job?

As the employer, you will receive access data for ordering and for a BVG corporate portal. Employees can order a VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland ticket Job themselves. These orders are sent to the BVG corporate portal, to which only the administrator has access. The order is then checked and approved or rejected by the employer. If the order is approved, it is sent to the BVG for further processing.

Access to the BVG corporate portal is granted only to administrators, not to employees. Only the administrator account can view, manage, and cancel corporate tickets. The main administrator account is generally used to maintain master data. 

Can employees change their direct debits, for example from yearly to monthly?

This is not possible with the VBB corporate ticket during the fixed contract period. The only way to change is to cancel the contract and place a new order. (Please note that cancellation fees may apply according to the terms and conditions of the VBB corporate ticket). The Deutschland ticket Job can only be subscribed to with a monthly payment.

Can you get the Berlin subscription as a corporate ticket?

The Berlin subscription is not available as a corporate ticket. The Deutschland ticket Job is already very inexpensive at a maximum of 34.30 euros and is valid throughout Germany.