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School Student Ticket Berlin

Pricing Table
Monthly payment
Zone AB free
  • Free use of public transport for school students with student ID 1
  • Free bike transportation
  • Financial compensation is provided by the state of Berlin


  • The school student ticket can only be applied for online.

  • A passport photo and a copy of the student ID 1 are required.

  • Students who live in Berlin but go to school in Brandenburg must also upload a certificate of registration with a Berlin registration address.

Travel validity

  • Tariff zone Berlin AB

  • Personal ticket for all Berlin school students with student ID I

  • Unlimited travel in the indicated fare zone
    Please note: for occasional trips to Berlin C an extension ticket is required

Validity period

  • As long as the conditions are fulfilled according to the validity of the card up to 4 years; at the latest, however, until 16 years of age

  • After the student's 16th birthday, proof must be provided that the prerequisites for use continue to exist

Free to take along

  • Children under 6 years of age

  • Hand luggage, strollers, wheelchairs and other orthopedic aids, e.g., walking aids

  • 1 dog Monthly ticket

  • 1 bicycle