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Your BVG Ticket-App

Buying tickets has never been so quick and easy

Not a fan of pageantry, prefering instead to keep things essential while still being effective? Then our ticket app is just the thing for you! Simply select a ticket, buy it – and you're done. And setting up the app is just as easy:

1. Download
To the Apple App Store         
To the Google Playstore

2. Register
Do you already have a BVG / FahrInfo-App account? Perfect! Then simply use it to log in.
If you choose express purchase, your data will be taken directly from your Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal account.
Or, if you want to pay with SEPA or credit card, just register with your e-mail address and enter a password, your first and last name.   

3. The following tickets can be purchased in the Ticket-App:

  • Single fare ticket
  • 24-hour ticket
  • Short-trip ticket
  • 10-am ticket
  • 4-trip ticket
  • 7-day ticket (AB)
  • Monthly ticket (AB)
  • Student monthly ticket (AB)
  • Bicycle ticket
  • Tourist ticket
  • Extension ticket
  • Berlin-Ticket S
  • Berlin CityTourCard
  • Berlin WelcomeCard
  • EasyCityPass
  • QueerCityPass

4. Payment
Options include: Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA direct debit, PayPal, prepaid, credit card or Express Sale (registration and payment with Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay).

You're ready to go, and guaranteed never to miss the train again due to the annoying queue at the ticket machine.

All further questions regarding ticket purchases via app are answered in our FAQ. To find out whether and to what extent the Ticket-App is barrier-free, please refer to the corresponding accessibility disclaimer.