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Tariff Information

Even though it may sometimes seem like it - we don't just make up our rules and regulations willy-nilly. As a member of the Berlin Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB), we are also subject to the association's regulations. We pass these on to you. 

You can easily download the tariff regulations of the VBB as a PDF.

Tariff zones

The Berlin tariff areas are divided into sub-areas A, B and C.

A map with the three tariff zones of the BVG.

Tariff zone Berlin A:
Berlin's inner city up to and including the S-Bahn (urban rail) ring.

Tariff zone Berlin B:
Outside the S-Bahn (urban rail) ring, up to the city boundary.

Tariff zone Berlin C:
Greater Berlin area (approx. 15 km around the city of Berlin), including the city of Potsdam. Subarea C also belongs to the counties surrounding the city.

Depending on from where to where you want to travel, you can buy tickets for the combined subareas AB, BC or the entire ABC network. If you are only traveling within the city limits of Berlin, you are on the right track with an AB ticket.

You can see in which subarea a certain station is located by looking at the line network card; fare area ABC.