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Usage Policy

Dear passengers,

Every day, our staff works hard to get more than 3.5 million people safely to their destinations. You might say we’re all in it together, so it’s a good thing that common sense, consideration for others, and friendliness are second nature to us here in Berlin – and to make sure all of us feel safe and secure at our stations and in our vehicles, we’ve put together key aspects of our regulations in the following usage policy:

§ 1 Area of validity and legal relationship

This usage policy applies to all BVG premises, buildings, vehicles, transportation and other facilities that are accessible to the public.

By accessing our facilities or using our transport services, you agree to be bound by this usage policy in its currently valid version and undertake to comply with its regulations.

§ 2 Control of premises and vehicles

Control of BVG premises and vehicles is the responsibility of the BVG, represented by the officers entrusted to exercise control of premises, in particular operating and safety personnel and the safety personnel of companies contracted by the BVG. To ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers, instructions issued by operating personnel must be followed.

Persons who commit vandalism or other criminal offences, engage in violence, or show a willingness to use violence will be prohibited from accessing our premises and vehicles.

§ 3 Conduct and behaviour in public areas

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all our passengers, we ask you to pay particular attention to the following rules.

It is prohibited:

  • to leave luggage or other items unattended. We may ask security staff to remove abandoned items (e.g. bags, suitcases, rucksacks), which may subsequently be destroyed.
  • to play ball games, to use skateboards, roller skates, Segways, (kick) scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, and other sports equipment or to park or return them in our facilities or in our vehicles.
  • to dispose of rubbish (incl. cigarette butts and chewing gum) outside of bins, in particular to dispose of rubbish by throwing it onto tracks.
  • to pass on or sell validated tickets for re-use.
  • to trade in or carry narcotics unless authorised to do so.
  • to feed birds.
  • to smoke or use electronic cigarettes or similar in BVG facilities, with the exception of designated smoking areas.
  • to loiter.
  • to conduct guided tours, events or similar in the BVG’s buildings, stations, and vehicles – whether in exchange for payment or not – without the prior written consent of the BVG. This also applies to filming and photography.

§ 4 Surveillance cameras

The BVG uses CCTV to capture and monitor images of events that take place in its facilities and vehicles. CCTV footage will be processed in accordance with the data protection regulations set out in the currently valid versions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Berlin Data Protection Act.

§ 5 Breaches of this usage policy

Any person who infringes this usage policy may be asked to leave our premises, be barred from accessing our premises and services, be subject to legal action, and/or be required to pay damages.

The BVG will apply a fixed penalty of € 15 for any violation of its no smoking policy.

The BVG will apply a fixed penalty of € 100 for any violation of its ban on using skateboards, roller skates, Segways, (kick) scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, and other sports equipment and on parking or returning them in our facilities or in our vehicles.

These fines may be imposed separately. 

§ 6 Privacy policy

In order to enforce the aforementioned contractual penalties or to issue prohibitions to enter the premises, one's last name, first name, date of birth and address will be stored; in connection with contractual penalties, one's bank details will also be stored. This data will be deleted after the expiry of the prohibition. The data in connection with contractual penalties are stored for 10 years for tax reasons. The legal basis for data processing is the contract pursuant to § 1 of these usage regulations in conjunction with Art. 6 (1) p. 1 b) GDPR. Find further information in our privacy policies.

§ 7 Changes to the usage policy

The usage policy is subject to change.

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) 
Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts 
The Management Board

Last updated: 02.02.2023