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The BVG Corporate Ticket

VBB corporate ticket and Deutschland Ticket Job

What is the corporate ticket?

The corporate ticket allows employees to travel much more cheaply than with a normal subscription, especially with the Deutschland Ticket Job. Both the employer and the BVG contribute to subsidising the ticket. And everyone wins.

A true win-win-situation

  • Super low price thanks to employer contribution and BVG discount
  • Increases team motivation and company image
  • Helps to protect the environment and improve road safety
  • Access to the benefits of the BVG club via the BVG order portal

More information about the corporate ticket

Who can buy the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland Ticket Job?

To apply for the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland Ticket Job, an employer must have signed a corporate ticket agreement with us. This includes the requirement of a compulsory minimum employer contribution and a minimum of five participating employees.

In which fare zones is the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland Ticket Job valid?

The VBB corporate ticket can be issued for all fare zones in the Berlin-Brandenburg public transport network (e.g. Berlin AB, BC, and ABC, as well as districts or for the entire network). The Deutschland Ticket Job can be used on all local and regional trains (except ICE, IC, EC) throughout Germany.

What types of corporate ticket agreement are available?

The employer can choose between the following options:

  1. Post-paid contract
    The company is issued a monthly invoice for all employee subscriptions. The VBB fahrCards are sent to the company’s delivery address.
  2. Direct debit contract
    With the direct debit contract, we collect the amounts to be paid directly from the employees by SEPA direct debit mandate. The VBB fahrCards are sent to the employees’ home addresses.

Please note: It is not possible to set up a SEPA direct debit mandate from a company account.

What is the minimum employer contribution and what discount does the BVG grant?

VBB corporate ticket:
There are two levels of discount: If the employer’s contribution per month and employee is at least €10, the BVG grants a €4 discount on the ticket price. From a contribution of €15, the BVG discount increases to €8. The actual monthly costs are therefore dependent on both the employer contribution and the required fare zones.

Deutschland ticket Job:
In addition to the regular ticket price, currently €49 per month, an employer contribution of at least 25% (equivalent to €12.25) must be paid per employee and month. A BVG discount of 5% (equivalent to €2.45) per employee and month is added to this. This means that, in 2023, employees pay a maximum of €34.30 per month of their subscription.

Also good to know: Employers are free to contribute more than the minimum to the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland ticket Job (up to the full ticket price).

Who and what can I take with me on the VBB corporate ticket/Deutschland Ticket Job?

Users of the VBB corporate ticket can take one adult and up to three children (6 to 14 years) with them free of charge from 8 pm to 3 am on Mondays to Fridays, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays, on 24 and 31 December, and on public holidays.

The following can always be taken along free of charge: children under the age of 6, one dog, hand luggage, wheelchairs or buggies.

Users of the Deutschland Ticket Job can take a dog with them free of charge within the VBB network and children under the age of 6 free of charge throughout Germany. Not permitted is the free nationwide carriage of a dog, another person, or a bicycle.

Can you get the Berlin subscription as a corporate ticket?

The Berlin subscription is not available as a corporate ticket. The Deutschland ticket Job is already very inexpensive at a maximum of 34.30 euros and is valid throughout Germany.