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The Deutschlandticket Job is coming

The Deutschlandticket will be introduced on May 1st 2023, allowing passengers to use local and regional public transportation throughout Germany for 49 euros per month. With the Deutschlandticket Job including a mandatory employer’s contribution as well as a BVG discount, it’s even cheaper!

What is the Deutschlandticket Job? 

All companies that have concluded a company ticket agreement with us can offer their employees the Deutschlandticket Job. This allows them to use all means of public transport including regional transport in Germany (the ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE). The ticket is only available by subscription and is a personal season ticket without transferability.

How much does the Deutschlandticket Job cost?

The regular current ticket price of €49 per month, is reduced by the minimum employer’s contribution of 25% (equivalent to €12.25) per month per employee, on top the BVG grants a discount of 5% (equivalent to €2.45) per month per employee. As a result, employees will pay a maximum of €34.30 per month as a subscription price in 2023.

The most important information at a glance

Who can purchase the Deutschlandticket Job?

Only employees whose companies have concluded a company ticket agreement including the addendum to the Deutschlandticket Job can purchase the Deutschlandticket Job in the BVG ordering portal. You will receive the access data from your employer. A company ticket agreement can only be concluded if at least five employees participate.

How can employees purchase the Deutschlandticket Job?

If a company ticket agreement including an addendum to the Deutschlandticket Job exists, the Deutschlandticket Job can be ordered via the BVG ordering portal.

Do employees have to cancel their existing corporate ticket subscription?

No. We have informed our partner companies about the details of the changeover process. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the contact person at the company.

Is the Deutschlandticket Job transferable?

The Deutschlandticket Job is personalized and non-transferable.

Which transport regulations apply to the Deutschlandticket Job?

Within the VBB-area it is allowed to take along a dog free of charge. The free nationwide transportation of a dog is not included.

The free nationwide transportation of another person and a bicycle is not included at any time, except for children under 6 years - they travel free of charge anyway! A corresponding bicycle ticket can be purchased for the bicycle.

What are the cancellation conditions for the Deutschlandticket Job?

The Deutschlandticket Job can be terminated at any time at the end of a month. The following applies: If the contract is terminated by the last calendar day of a month, the termination is effective at the end of that month, unless a later date is submitted by the employee together with the notice of termination.

In what form is the Deutschlandticket Job issued?

The Deutschlandticket Job is a personal season ticket that is issued in the form of the VBB-fahrCard as an electronic travel document.