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Ticket purchase via app – your questions, our answers

Validity of tickets, invoices, and features – here you'll find the most important information about purchasing tickets via app. Is your question not answered here? Then feel free to send us an email at
These FAQs only apply to the BVG's Ticket-App and Fahrinfo-App.

How can I update my personal information?
You can change your address within the app. To change your name or email address please login to your BVG-account on our homepage, with your current email address and password, and click onto the respective button.

Can mobile tickets be purchased in advance, and are they transferable?
Tickets valid for at least one day (24-hour tickets and tourist products) can be purchased up to 180 days in advance. Short-distance tickets, connecting tickets and single tickets are always valid immediately. Mobile tickets are generally not transferable. 

Who can I contact if I have questions about payment?
Please contact our payment service provider "LogPay Financial Services".

I forgot my password, what can I do?
Simply click on "Forgot password?" on the login website. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Why do the Ticket-App and the Fahrinfo-App require location authorization?
By accessing your location, we can show you the nearest stops and give you tariff recommendations. If you don't want to share your location, you can also enter the necessary information manually.

When is my purchased BVG mobile ticket valid?
BVG mobile tickets without a selection option are activated 60 seconds after purchase to start the journey. During these 60 seconds, the barcode of the ticket is grayed out and not readable - the ticket only becomes valid and readable after this countdown has expired. Tickets for which a date (and, if applicable, a time) can be selected are subsequently valid from the selected day and perhaps time. You can find out more about this in the respective ticket's information section.

How can I pay for my BVG mobile tickets?

Our apps offer you the following options:

  • Amazon Pay (only in the Ticket-App)
  • Apple Pay (iOS)
  • Google Pay (Android)
  • Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)
  • PayPal 
  • Prepaid payment method (only in the Ticket-App)
  • SEPA direct debit

When setting up a payment method, simply follow the steps within the app.

Can I buy a BVG mobile ticket without registering in the app?
Yes, this option is available with the following payment methods: Apple Pay (iOS), Google Pay (Android) and PayPal (iOS/Android).

Can I buy multiple BVG mobile tickets for people traveling with me?
Yes. To do so, simply purchase the desired number of tickets via one of our apps. However, anyone whose ticket you have purchased must travel together with you, as the tickets are issued in your name and are located on your smartphone.

What do I have to consider when buying a 4-trip ticket as a BVG mobile ticket?

  • The total price for all four sections of the 4-trip ticket is due at the time of purchase.
  • If you use the Fahrinfo-App the first section of the 4-trip ticket is activated for immediate use.
  • You will find the remaining sections for further journeys in the "Tickets" section under "Credit". These are stored with a value of € 0,-, since the total price has already been paid.
  • A new purchase of a 4-trip ticket for the same tariff zone is only possible if all four sections have been used.
  • You can find the used sections in the "Tickets" section under "Expired tickets".
  • You can activate additional sections of the 4-trip ticket for passengers traveling with you. To do this, activate the required number of sections one after the other. It is not possible to activate several sections at the same time.

If you use the BVG Ticket-App or BVG Jelbi-App you can choose whether the first section should become valid immediately or not. If you do not wish to activate a section immediately please set the number of sections to be activated to zero via the minus button before completing the purchase. If you wish to use more than one section you can choose the number of tickets to be activated by pressing the plus button.

What happens to my expired BVG mobile tickets?
You can find your previously with the Fahrinfo-App used tickets in the "Tickets" section under "Expired tickets". They will be displayed for up to 517 days. In the Tickets-App you can find expired tickets in the „History“ section, please click onto the small clock with the arrow around it on the upper right hand side to get there.

Why is my BVG mobile ticket not displayed?
A stable internet connection is required for the ticket to display. If the connection is interrupted or unstable, the ticket may not be downloaded. Please ensure that you have a good internet connection and perhaps update the display manually by conducting a pull-to-refresh. A synchronization of the app and the server takes place and the ticket is downloaded.

What happens if my phone battery runs out, I have lost my phone, or it has been stolen?
According to the VBB tariff and transport regulations, every passenger must be in possession of a valid ticket for the entire duration of the journey. If your cell phone battery runs out, you must buy another ticket so that you can show it in the event of a ticket inspection. If you have lost your cell phone, you can log in to our BVG apps again with your BVG account on your new cell phone and your tickets will be displayed again.
If your phone is stolen, please contact us as soon as possible from the registered email address so that we can temporarily block your BVG account.

How do I receive an invoice for my BVG mobile ticket?

For the Fahrinfo-App:

Please open the app and go to the „Tickets“ section of the app:

  • For a currently valid ticket, click on the three small dots. A pop-up opens where you can choose "Request invoice". Please enter your email address, an email will be sent to you with a link to download the invoice
  • For an expired ticket, scroll down to "Expired tickets" in the "Tickets" section and carry on as described above.

For each ticket ordered you have also received an order confirmation which includes a link to retrieve the invoice.

For the Ticket-App:

  • To receive an invoice for an active ticket go to the ticket wallet and click onto the three small dots on the upper right side within the ticket. A pop-up opens where you can request the invoice.
  • For an expired ticket or a PDF file with a batch of invoices please go to the „History“ section in the ticket wallet, by clicking onto the small clock with the arrow around it on the upper right hand, and proceed as above for a single invoice or filter the required time and click on „export“.

How do I show my BVG mobile ticket at a ticket inspection?
Make sure you are logged into the app. Show the ticket inspector your BVG mobile ticket on your smartphone and, if requested, your official photo ID. The BVG mobile ticket is not valid without photo ID. On buses, the check takes place at the front of the bus. Please show your smartphone with the ticket to the driver, and your official photo ID if requested.

Can I change the start settings in the Fahrinfo-App?
You can set your personal start screen in the Fahrinfo-App under "Settings". You can choose between the options "Home", "Timetable", "Departures" and "Tickets".

How can I delete stops from my stop list in the Fahrinfo-App?
A stop under "Timetable" can be deleted by clicking on the stop and sliding it to the left. The same applies to stops under "Departures".

How are the real-time departure times displayed?
Real-time data is indicated by a radio signal icon, usually additionally marked with an '. Early departures or delays are displayed in green/red and marked accordingly with +/-.