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Lost property is always a nuisance. Whether it’s a watch, wallet, or bicycle – the lost property office may be able to help.

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Check here to see if your lost property has been found


  • Due to their numbers, we do not take enquiries for caps, scarves, gloves, glasses, keys, or umbrellas. Please come to the lost property office to find and reclaim these items. Opening hours can be found at the bottom of this page.We make a charge for the return of lost property.
Is there a charge to reclaim my property?

No, there are no fees.

How do I reclaim my property? / What should I note and bring along when I come to reclaim my property?

If you find your lost property in the database, you will need to visit the BVG lost property office and state the item number from the database. You will need to show a valid ID card or your passport.
If you cannot come yourself, you may authorise somebody else to collect your lost property on your behalf. We do not send items of lost property.

How long are items kept at the BVG lost property office?

The BVG lost property office keeps items for a maximum of six weeks.

What happens if miss this deadline?

At the end of the set storage period, items are destroyed or auctioned.
Auctions take place every quarter and are organised by  Auktionshaus Ulrich Baier.

Where and how can I enquire about my lost property?

First you’ll need to search for your lost item in the lost property database. Every item recorded there has a number, which our staff will need in order to locate your property.

How can I use the BVG lost property online database to search for my item?

When you use our lost property database, you can narrow your search by selecting a date and category. You can then describe the lost item before clicking on the “Start search” button. Then select your item from the results or enter a keyword to further refine the search results. Simply click on your search result to obtain further information.

When does the lost property office receive my item? How long does it take?

It may take up to five days for your item to arrive at the lost property office. There may also be a wait when you come to collect your item. Please allow for this, so that we can deal with your enquiry properly.

What happens to identity documents (ID cards, passports, etc.) at the end of the storage period?

They are returned to the authorities that issued them.

What happens to debit/credit cards, PAYBACK cards, membership cards, etc. that are sent to the lost property office?

At the end of the storage period, any personal data is removed and the item is destroyed.

What happens to keys, and how can I prove I am the owner?

You can prove ownership by showing a duplicate key or any serial number. Keys are destroyed at the end of the storage period.

What items of lost property are not stored?
  • Items that have clearly been thrown away, e.g. car batteries, open paint cans, or bulky rubbish. 
  • Perishable foods, as there is no way to store them separately.
  • Heavily soiled and malodorous items.
Where are other lost property offices?

You can find further lost property offices at:

Can you use the CCTV in vehicles to see who took my item?

Requests to obtain CCTV footage can only be made by the police. The recordings are stored for 48 hours and then automatically overwritten if not requested by the police within this time.

Which items is the BVG lost property office responsible for, and over which area?

The BVG operates bus routes, tram routes, and underground routes in Berlin and its surroundings. It also runs ferries. Click here to find out more about these routes:

Finder’s reward
The law regarding finder’s rewards can be found in the German Civil Code (BGB), Section 971 Finder’s reward and Section 978 Finding in public authority or transport agency.



Lost property office

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