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The ‘See-Meile’ project

Successful completion of the project around our highly automated buses in Berlin-Tegel

The little yellow shuttle has said good-bye for now!

In the end of June 2022 the 'See-Meile' project was succcesfully completed and so the operation of the two routes of the 'See-Meile' has come to an end. 

The highly automated shuttles operated on the routes 328A and 328B. In October 2021 two additional stops had been added to route 328B in the adjacent residiential area. The route was served by two shuttles that navigated intersections as well as a roundabout, and took passengers to the Alt-Tegel pedestrian zone.

The electric shuttles were driverless, but there was an attendant on board. 

Around 24,000 people used the shuttles during the course of the project and shared the experience of the comfortable, environmentally-friendly ride from Alt-Tegel underground station to Lake Tegel and the adjacent residential area.

During the course of the project, the automated vehicles covered a total distance of about 28,000 kilometres. The testing of the vehicles' everyday operation in public road traffic provided the BVG with valuable insights for the future use of autonomous vehicles in public transportation.

What's next?

The continuation and expansion of the ‘See-Meile’ was part of the Shuttles&Co research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Transportation. The follow-up project KIS'M started in January 2022. It will test a demand-oriented public transport service with driverless vehicles, first on the innovation campus "Berlin TXL -The Urban Tech Republic" (UTR) and then in the adjacent public road area. Find out more about Shuttles&Co, KIS'M and the Digital Urban Traffic Test Bed here.

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