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Bicycle single ticket

Pricing Table
Reduced6-14 years of ageRegular rate
Zone AB 2,30 €
Zone BC 2,60 €
Zone ABC 3,00 €

Travel validity

  • Fare zone Berlin AB, BC, ABC

  • One journey in one direction

  • Changes permitted

  • Round and return trips are not permitted

Validity period

  • 120 minutes

Additional prices

  • Full VBB Network: € 3.80

Notice regarding bicycle transportation

Bicycles can be taken on S-Bahn and U-Bahn trains, on DB regional trains and on streetcars in the designated carriages, provided that enough space if available (if necessary, the staff will determine whether or not there is space). If space is limited, wheelchair users and baby carriages have priority. There is no ultimate entitlement to travel with a bicycle. Furthermore, bicycles are not allowed on buses.

Bicycles are defined as:

  • Two-wheeled single-seater bicycles with or without electric motor

  • Two-wheeled bicycle-like scooters

  • Electric kick scooters with a continuous-duty rating of under 500 watts as specified by the German Small Electric Vehicles Ordinance (eKFV) dated 06.06.2019