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4-short-trip ticket

Pricing Table
Reduced6-14 years of ageRegular rate
Zone AB 5,40 €7,00 €

Travel validity

4 trips in the Berlin tariff zones

  • 3 stations with S-Bahn or underground, changes permitted, without stop or

  • 6 stations on trams, changes not permitted

The ticket is generally valid for fare zone AB. Only if the start of the short trip is in fare zone B, the ticket is also valid for fare zone C.

Validity period

  • From validation for the mentioned number of stations

  • With mobile phone ticket 20 minutes for the mentioned number of stations

Reduced fare

  • For children from age 6 to 14

  • For dogs

Free to take along

  • Children under 6

  • Hand luggage, strollers, wheelchairs, and other orthopedic aids, e.g., walking aids