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FAQ VBB-FlexTicket

What is the VBB FlexTicket?
The VBB FlexTicket is a new, flexible ticket option. It consists of eight separate ticket stubs, each valid for 24 hours following activation. After purchase, you have 30 days to use these eight tickets. Unused ticket stubs expire after the 30 days.
The ticket is being tested as part of a pilot project running to the end of December 2023. 

Which fare zones is the VBB FlexTicket valid for?
During the pilot project, you can only buy the VBB FlexTicket for the Berlin AB fare zone.

Why is the VBB FlexTicket only available for Berlin AB?
Prices in Berlin’s surrounding areas are different to the prices in the Berlin AB zone. We’re therefore only running the pilot project in the AB fare zone. If the project is a success, we aim to extend it to the ABC zone.

Who can use the VBB FlexTicket?
Anyone can use the VBB FlexTicket. It will be of particular interest to people who commute to the office less than three days a week.

Can you take other people or a bicycle along with you?
No, with this ticket you can’t. 

Can I transfer my VBB FlexTicket or individual ticket stubs to someone else?
No, these tickets are not transferable. The VBB FlexTicket is a personal ticket for your use only.

How much does the VBB FlexTicket cost?
The VBB FlexTicket costs €44.00, so €5.50 for each ticket stub.
That makes the VBB FlexTicket €3.30 cheaper than a 24-hour ticket and even actually cheaper than two Berlin AB single tickets.
Compared to eight 24-hour tickets, the VBB FlexTicket saves you a total of €26.40.

Is the VBB FlexTicket cheaper than a subscription?
No, it’s not cheaper than a subscription. The price for a subscription in Berlin AB is just €2.08 (monthly payment) or €199 (annual payment) per day and is therefore much cheaper compared to the €5.50 per ticket when using the VBB FlexTicket.
Subscriptions also have other benefits, such as transferability to other persons and the option to take others along with you.

Can I exchange the VBB FlexTicket or individual ticket stubs if I realise that I won’t be activating them within the 30-day period?
No, unused tickets expire after 30 days. You cannot return unused tickets. 

Can I extend the 30-day validity?
No, you cannot transfer or extend the period beyond 30 days. Tickets that have not been activated automatically expire.

Can I buy a new set of eight ticket stubs before the end of the 30-day period?
It is possible in the customer centres, but not in the Apps. 

Is the VBB FlexTicket available only in digital form, or can I also buy it as an analogue ticket?
It’s easiest to buy the VBB FlexTicket as a mobile ticket. The tickets are automatically personalised and the number of available stubs can be seen at any time.
You can, however, also buy the VBB FlexTicket at selected customer centres or sales outlets as a non-digital product in the form of ticket tokens. They must be personalised.

Is the VBB FlexTicket automatically activated when I start a journey?
If purchased in the app, the first ticket stub is automatically activated and then valid for 24 hours. With the analogue version, the token must be validated before the start of the journey. The other tickets are available for activation or validation for 30 days from the time of purchase. Example: purchase of the VBB FlexTicket on 15 January, last possible activation or validation at 23:59 on 14 February, then valid for 24 hours.