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Tariff changes

Tickets that must be validated
Unused tickets that have to be validated (single tickets, short trip tickets, sections of a 4-trip ticket, 24-hour tickets, connecting tickets or 7-day VBB-Eco-Cards) can still be used 6 months after the tariff change. Tickets that you have to validate and whose price has not changed, remain valid.

Exchange deadline
You can exchange tickets with an old fare for tickets with the new price within 6 months after the tariff change.

Exchange or refund of old tickets
You can only exchange or refund tickets at the transportation company from which you bought them. You can recognize this by the logo on the lower right-hand side of the ticket. For tickets from the BVG, this is possible at any of the BVG customer centers. Please note that there may be longer waiting times around the beginning of the month, due to high customer demand. Therefore, if necessary, use the entire exchange period of 6 months after the tariff change.

Subscription tariff changes
If you have a subscription that is debited annually or a cash-paid annual pass, the costs will not be adjusted retroactively. They remain unchanged until their expiration date. If you have a subscription which is debited monthly, the rate will automatically be adjusted at the time of the tariff change. 

A tariff adjustment always takes place on 01.01. of a year. Accordingly, the exchange period, expiration date, and refund period end on 30.06. of that given year.