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Travelling with your bicycle on the BVG

Ideal conditions for you and your bike.

More and more people are using their bikes together with public transport. The BVG supports this approach to mobility and provides parking facilities for bicycles, some of them even covered, at many stations and stops.

You must buy a ticket for your bicycle within the Berlin-Brandenburg public transport network (VBB) and thus also when using BVG services.

  • Every bicycle taken on a journey requires a bicycle fare ticket
  • If several persons travel together on one ticket, each further bicycle requires a separate ticket
  • Bicycle tickets can only be used in combination with a valid main ticket
  • If you have a personal ticket, you do not need a bicycle ticket
    which includes school student tickets, tickets for trainees, and semester tickets (this does not include the semester Deutschlandticket and the VBB Trainee Ticket)
  • The bicycle can only be transported if the conditions of carriage permit it
Ein Fahrrad steht an einem Fahrradständer einer Haltestelle. Im Hintergrund fährt eine Tram.

Taking your bike with you.

Leaving your bicycle at a stop

If you can’t ‘park’ your bike in a bicycle parking facility, please make sure you don’t cause any obstruction to pedestrians or buildings. So, for example, please don’t leave your bike in any walkways at underground stations or locked to a bus stop pole. If you cause an obstruction, your bike may be removed by BVG personnel.

Please note when travelling with a bike

To avoid obstructing other passengers and prevent delays, please observe some rules when taking bicycles on public transport:

  • Only board trains and trams at doors with a bicycle symbol. A maximum of two bicycles are permitted at the designated points displaying a bicycle symbol in each carriage – provided there is sufficient space. 
  • Please position your bicycle in a way that does not cause any obstruction or endangers the safety of other passengers. You must therefore hold on to your bike for the duration of the journey.
  • Prams/buggies and wheelchairs always have priority, which means that if the space occupied by a bicycle is needed for wheelchairs or prams/buggies, you may have to get off with your bike.

Which means of transport allow bicycles to be carried?

  • Subway
  • Tram
  • Ferry
  • Bus (lines N1-N9, if space is available)
Junge Frau steigt mit ihrem leichten Sport-Fahrrad, das sie lässig über der Schulter trägt, in die U-Bahn.

Bicycle ticket fare information

You will need a bicycle fare ticket to travel with a bicycle.
Holders of valid school student tickets, tickets for trainees, and semester tickets do not need to purchase a ticket for their bicycles (this does not include: the semester Deutschlandticket).
Folding bicycles that are completely folded are considered hand luggage and can be carried free of charge.

If you do not have a season ticket that entitles you to take a bicycle with you free of charge, you can choose from the following range of bicycle tickets, depending on your needs, to take a bicycle with you. All tickets are available at BVG customer centres and sales outlets, or at ticket machines at underground stations.

Bicycle short trip ticket ..... €1.70

Valid in the same way as the regular short trip ticket for persons:
3 stations on the underground and S-Bahn (changing permitted), 6 stops on the tram (changing not permitted); not valid on local trains or on the F10 ferry Wannsee - Alt-Kladow

Bicycle single ticket
Berlin AB ................. €2.30
Berlin BC ................. €2.60
Berlin ABC ............... €3.00
Entire VBB network ...... €4.00

Valid in the same way as the regular single ticket for persons: two hours from time of validation for one journey in the direction of the destination, breaks in journey permitted within the 2 hours, return journeys and round trips are not permitted

Bicycle 24-hour ticket
Berlin AB ................. €5.30
Berlin BC ................. €5.70
Berlin ABC ............... €5.90
Entire VBB network ...... €6.00

Valid for 1 bicycle for 24 hours from time of validation and any number of journeys.

Bicycle monthly ticket
Berlin AB ................. €12.80
Berlin ABC ............... €16.00
Entire VBB network ...... €26.60

Monthly tickets are transferable.

You can find an overview of all tickets, including bicycle tickets, here

Do you have questions? Here you can find the bicycle transport FAQs.