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A pattern of your diversity. A sign of our love.

The new BVG seat design – as diverse as you!

We get Berlin moving – regardless of age, gender, origin, body shape, physical mobility, religion, sexual orientation, or cultural background. And now we’re displaying this diversity where it can’t be overlooked – in our new seat design.

Really moving: our new seat design.

Ein Filmausschnitt ist zu sehen, der einen Kontrolleur in einer U-Bahn zeigt. Er scheint zu tanzen während er die Passagiere kontrolliert, die teils bereits nur als farbige Silhouetten zu erkennen sind.

A dancing inspector who not only checks tickets but also transforms the passengers into colourful silhouettes? Fair enough, that sounds a bit mad, but it’s a message from the heart. And we want to touch the hearts of all Berliners.  With our unwavering commitment to diversity and acceptance.

Why? Because we love you. And we want everyone to see this love: soon on all buses and trains – and now in this film.

Click to watch the short film

Berlin and diversity? We see a pattern there.

Fotocollage von Filmsequenzen, die die Darsteller*innen des Films und damit diverse Menschen in der U-Bahn zeigen.

Berlin’s diverse population ... 

Das Bild ist eine Illustration und zeigt verschieden farbige Silhouetten diverser Menschen.

... becomes a diversity of human silhouettes ...

Illustration des Sitzmusters in Großaufnahme. Es sind verschiedene Silhouetten diverser Menschen und Personengruppen in bunten Farben zu sehen.

... and a strong symbol of diversity and acceptance.

The BVG reflects Berlin’s diversity. And this diversity can now be seen on our seat design. It’s made up of silhouettes of real people. To be more precise: silhouettes of you.

Each one has been lovingly designed and then put together to create a unique symbol of diversity. A symbol we’ll soon be proudly showing everywhere: our new ‘Vielfalt’ (diversity) seat design.

Fotocollage verschiedener Produktfotos, die das neue Sitzmuster der BVG aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln zeigt.

Feel the Vielfalt! 

Eine Hand ertastet die Einzelfiguren des neuen BVG Sitzmusters, welches als Wandinstallation im U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz zu finden ist. Kleine Schilder in Brailleschrift sowie ein Ausschnitt des Musters machen es erleb- und fühlbar für alle Menschen..

Our new ‘Vielfalt’ pattern is colourful and diverse – just like Berlin. Unfortunately, though, not everyone can see this diversity with their own eyes. That’s why we’ve also made the design tangible in Braille on the mezzanine level at Alexanderplatz underground station (opposite the BVG customer centre).

What the FAQ!?

What is the new ‘Vielfalt’ design?

It’s the BVG’s new seat pattern. It consists of over 80 different silhouettes that represent the full diversity of Berliners we get moving every day. And it’s the first seat design with a clear message: everyone is welcome here.

Why are you doing this?

To show our commitment to diversity and acceptance. Diversity, after all, is a core element of our brand DNA. We reflect Berlin’s diversity – so we’re also now proudly showing this on our buses and trains.

Where and from when can I see the new ‘Vielfalt’ design?

In July, two BVG double-decker buses launched the new design. From late summer, the ‘Vielfalt’ design will gradually be seen on our buses and trains.

How long will it take until all buses and trains have the new seat design?

From the middle of 2023, new vehicles will be delivered with the new design. For logistical and sustainability reasons, older buses and trains will be gradually converted during regular workshop checks and inspections.

What does acceptance mean to you?

That every person can be who they want to be – no matter what they look like, where they come from, or where they want to go. And that’s exactly what our new design symbolises. But we’re also committed to your diversity beyond this visual statement. Find out more on our topic page at

How long will the new design be used on your trains?

Until everyone has understood our message of diversity and love.