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To make sure everyone can use public transport without fear or concern, please show consideration for others. We’d like to let you know about what you can do to help make every trip a safe one.

Children and school groups in the subway

If you are responsible for a group of children and take them on the subway, please make sure they board at the front carriage; if this is not possible, at least try to get on somewhere near the front of the train. Make eye contact with the driver and, if asked, tell them where you’re going.

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted on any vehicles and at all underground stations. You may also not smoke in interconnecting walkways, lifts, or stairways.

Emergency call and emergency stop

Don’t hesitate to make an emergency call if you or others are in danger. On underground trains, activate the emergency alarm next to the doors (previously where the emergency brake was). Doing so will bring the train to a halt in a station and open a voice connection to the driver. After activating the emergency alarm, the train will continue to the next station, where underground staff will be waiting to assist. If you require assistance in an underground station, you can use the emergency and information points. Trams are fitted with an intercom system you can use to request assistance from the driver. On buses, you can speak directly to the driver.

Stopping between stations

If the vehicle you are travelling on stops between stations, you may be risking your life if you attempt to get off. Only leave the vehicle if asked to do so by BVG staff or rescue services. Provide assistance to elderly, disabled, or unwell passengers.

Aggressive passengers

If an aggressive passenger is behaving in a threatening manner, activate the alarm and ask other passengers to help you. Keep calm and do not allow yourself to be drawn into an argument.


Activate the alarm if you notice smoke. If you attempt to use the fire extinguisher, put your own safety first. Do not put yourself in danger. Move away and assist elderly passengers.

Emergency hammer

In an emergency, you can use these hammers to smash one of the designated windows and rapidly evacuate from underground trains, trams, or buses.


If you see an unusual or dangerous situation, please make yourself available as a witness. You can speak to staff or report the situation at one of the information points.