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The BVG Corporate Ticket Tariff

Together is cheaper

When employers and the BVG join forces, employees are happy. The BVG corporate ticket not only gets you to work quickly and conveniently, it's also really cheap. Here you can find out how it works.

The employer specifies in the contract how much the subsidy per corporate ticket should be. If the employer subsidy is at least €10 per month per employee, a BVG discount of €4 per month per employee is added.
If an employer subsidy of at least €15 is granted, the BVG discount doubles to €8. The BVG discount is deducted directly from the ticket price. The amount of your employer's contribution is determined internally by the company and is to be paid out with your salary. Of course, companies can also assume the costs for the BVG corporate ticket completely.

Here are two sample calculations for monthly payments (in German):

Ein Vergleich der Firmenticketkosten bei unterschiedlicher Arbeitgebenden-Beteiligung. Wenn der Arbeitgebende mehr als 10 € zuschießt, gibt es einen BVG-Rabatt von 4€. Gibt der Arbeitgebende mehr als 15 €, schiesst die BVG 8 € zusätzlich dazu.