VBB Trainee Ticket

An apprentice and his foreman inspect a technical device. Both wear safety goggles and a helmet.
Pricing Table
Monthly PaymentYearly Payment
Entire VBB Network384,00 €mthly 32,00 €365,00 €
  • Valid for the entire VBB network


  • You can only apply for a trainee ticket with a "VBB-Abo Azubi" proof of entitlement with hologram. You can obtain this certificate from your educational institution.
  • Your educational institution must be named in the overview under "Educational institutions for the VBB-Abo Azubi".
  • In addition, you will need a passport photo and a personal document, e.g. your identity card.

Travel validity

  • In the entire VBB network for any number of journeys by any means of transport

Validity period
12 months by subscription

Free to take along

  • Children under 6 years of age

  • Hand luggage, strollers, wheelchairs and other orthopedic aids, e.g., walking aids

  • 1 dog