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FAQ lift substitutes

Booking and sign-up in the app

What user data do you collect? What happens to my data?

After you download the app, you enter the required customer data as part of the sign-up process. This is data such as your name, email address, mobile number, payment information, and any disability you may have (e.g. wheelchair user). All personal data processing complies with the legal requirements for data protection.

Data may be analysed anonymously to help us improve the service, traffic planning, or marketing. More information on this can be found in the privacy policies.

The app didn’t recognise my pick-up location. What now?

If you want to use automatic location tracking, please make sure that location services are enabled on your phone and that the app has permission to use them.

When you book a trip, our system will suggest a pick-up location at a nearby street corner or bus stop where the traffic is flowing in the direction of your ride. The location may therefore differ from your exact position.

If you have any problems, please contact customer service or the driver.

How do I find out within the app if there are any elevator disruptions so that I can call a BVG Muva?

Elevator disruptions can be identified via the exclamation mark (!) on the map. That’s how you can find out within the BVG Muva app if there are any disruptions at the station within the service area. Stations without an elevator are also marked with that symbol.

I use the FahrInfo app. Can I use it to book a BVG Muva?

Not yet, but we’re working on it and will let you know when we get there.

I don’t use a smartphone. How can I book and pay?

You can book BVG Muva lift substitution via the phone at 030 256 55 5 55. You can purchase your ticket (single ticket AB) with cash (max. 20 €) in the vehicle or use your valid ticket (e.g. subscription, daily ticket, etc.).

What and who you can take with you

Are pets allowed?

We will take all types of assistance dogs for people with disabilities free of charge, provided you can show the driver proof of their necessity (e.g. disabled person’s pass or a valid certificate for assistance dogs). There are seatbelts in the vehicle. At the driver’s discretion, small animals will be allowed provided they are in suitable containers. There is, however, no obligation for them to do so. Animals are transported at their owners’ own risk and liability. The Federal Animal Protection Act and the Berlin Dog Act must be complied with, in particular the latter’s muzzle requirement.

Can I bring luggage on BVG Muva?

Yes, we will try to take your luggage, like on our buses. Please state the number of pieces of luggage when booking in the app or via the call centre. Bicycles, heavy loads, or removal luggage are generally not accepted.

Rides with BVG Muva

Are there any offers at the moment?

Our partner Via offers a referral program via the BVG Muva app since 15.05.2023. Via the menu button „Invite a friend“ all registered users (flexible rides and lift subsitute) are eligible to invite friends to the app. Via offers 1.500 vouchers with a credit of 20 €. Vouchers are handed out till socks last. You can find more information on the referral program here:

How long do I have to wait?

If you make a specific trip request, we’ll send you a specific offer with a pick-up time. Pick-up times are dependent on current demand and traffic conditions.

What do I do if I can’t find the stop or vehicle?

You have the option to contact the driver.

What if I’m late – will the driver wait for me?

The vehicle will generally wait for two minutes. There is also the option to contact the driver, but it is up to them to decide whether or not to wait. As rides are pooled, our vehicles can only wait briefly for passengers.

I left something in the vehicle. How can I get it back?

For BVG Muva lift substitute: If you realise you lost something within the first five hours, please notify our customer service team at or on 030 256 55 5 55.

There is no BVG Muva connection to my destination?

The service area for BVG Muva doesn’t include all of Berlin yet and can therefore only be used in specific areas. However, you can plan via the app or the call center (030 256 55 5 55) your entire trip in order to receive the best possible step-free route no matter if you use BVG Muva or not.

Carriage of severely disabled passengers

How much does a ride cost with a disabled person’s pass?

The journey with BVG Muva lift substitute is free of charge if you have the appropiate token. Accompanying person travel free of charge, too.

Can I take an assistance dog with me?

Yes, and it is free of charge.

Is there a dedicated seat for persons of short stature?

A movable step and booster seat can be installed on any seat in a few seconds and are available free of charge and without advance booking in any vehicle.

How do I indicate which wheelchair I have when booking?

You can store this information in your user profile if you consent to provide health data. You will be asked for your type of wheelchair when booking.

My wheelchair is tall and long. What do I need to do?

Please state ‘e-wheelchair’ when booking, and a vehicle with suitable equipment will be used.

Can I travel with a mobility scooter?

Yes, if this vehicle is a maximum of 1400 mm long, has 4 wheels and does not weigh more than 350 kg with the person. Specify "senior mobile" when booking and we will send you a vehicle with suitable equipment.

How many wheelchair spaces are there?

Each vehicle has a minimum of one and a maximum of four wheelchair spaces. We are continuing to expand the number of vehicles with wheelchair spaces.

What dimensions may my wheelchair have?

A length of up to 1200 mm and a total weight of max. 350 kg can be transported.

Can I move from my wheelchair to a seat if I can do this on my own?

Yes. Folding wheelchairs can also be transported folded.

Carriage of senior citizens

I use a wheeled walking aid. Where can I store it?

In the luggage compartment. Our drivers will assist you in stowing your wheeled walking aid.

Where are grab handles?

The vehicles are equipped with grab handles to assist when boarding. The seats in our accessible vehicles have armrests.

I can’t work out the app. Where can I get help?

You can contact customer service by email or call the call centre on 030 256 55 5 55.

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