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BVG Muva terms and conditions of use

The BVG Muva App is provided by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) AöR, Holzmarktstr. 15-17, 10179 Berlin, registered in the Commercial Register HRA 31152 Charlottenburg registrar of companies, for users of public transport in Berlin.

This policy applies to the use of the BVG Muva app provided for use of the BVG Muva Lift Substitute and BVG Muva Flexible Ride services.

1. Information about the BVG Muva service

BVG Muva is a fare-based on-demand transport service provided by the BVG. It serves BVG and S-Bahn Berlin stops, as well as virtual stops. BVG Muva is a new public transport product in Berlin that complements traditional scheduled underground, tram, bus, and ferry services.

It provides both an initially geographically limited service for ride bookings as BVG Muva Lift Substitute (in the event of missing or faulty lifts) in minibuses and a service for rides as BVG Muva Flexible Ride (direct rides and shuttle services) in the Berlin public transport network in the eastern part of Berlin.

The BVG Muva service can be booked in this BVG Muva app.

Information on fares, service hours, and service areas can be found in the FAQ on the website or by calling the call centres (Lift Substitute: 030 256 55 5 55; Flexible Ride: 030 256 2 33 33).

The BVG Muva service is a fare-based public transport offer to which the common fares scale of the transport companies cooperating in the Berlin-Brandenburg public transport network (VBB fares scale) applies in the currently valid version.

2. Provision of the BVG Muva app

The BVG Muva app is provided for the iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It is also possible to request the Android app from, which will then be delivered directly to the user. The BVG will not be liable for any costs incurred in downloading, installing, and configuring the BVG Muva app.

Use of apps can involve risks. In particular, this concerns risks associated with the theft of passwords as well as manipulation, hacking, and other forms of unauthorised disclosure of user data. In this respect, use of the app is at the user’s own risk.

3. Sign-up

You must sign up if you want to use the BVG Muva app to book rides.

Any person who is a legal adult or whose legal representatives have consented to the use of the app can sign-up and use the app.

The following data must be provided during sign-up:

  • Surname and first name, pseudonyms are not permitted
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Mobile number

An existing BVG account can also be used for sign-up. You can sign up for the BVG Muva app from other BVG apps with the same user account.

Information on data protection can be found here:link.

You can sign up in the BVG Muva app by submitting the electronic form via the app.

Users themselves are responsible ensuring that the information they provide is correct and complete, as well as for any resulting activities.

4. User account

After successful sign-up, an individual user account is created.

A user name and password must be entered for sign-up.

User account information must not be shared with third parties and the account must not be made accessible to third parties.

Make sure you protect your user name and password on each mobile device you use.

If users have a reason to believe that their account information is not secure or that their account has been accessed by a third party, the BVG must be informed promptly by sending an email to

5. Booking the BVG Muva service

The BVG Muva app enables ride requests and bookings.

Desired starting points and destinations are entered in the search box or selected via points of interest. You can also allow your device to determine your location itself. This requires you to enable location services on your device.

The booking confirmation in the BVG Muva app shows users the registration number of the vehicle provided for them (the ‘vehicle’) as well as other services, such as the departure time and the boarding point; for flexible rides, the price for the ‘comfort surcharge’ is also displayed (‘services’).

The BVG Muva app provides information on departure times and location, vehicle registration number, and any delays or changes to the departure location, and navigates to the departure location based on GPS.

In order to ensure that users with limited mobility can use BVG Muva, users can provide information on a specific mobility restriction in the BVG Muva app. If the user does not wish to provide information on their specific mobility restriction, it may not be possible to provide them with a suitable vehicle.

Following a booking via the BVG Muva app, drivers are provided with the necessary information about the user: Name, pick-up location, destination, number of persons to be transported, and, if applicable, a note on mobility restrictions for assistance by the drivers. If users make a booking for themselves and other persons, they must indicate the number of persons to be transported.

Users must start the ride in person; bookings are not transferable to third parties.

If a user books a ride for themselves and other passengers, the passengers may only start the ride together with the person making the booking.

Once a booking has been made, the destination can no longer be changed. The pick-up and ride times stated in the BVG Muva app are estimates based on current traffic conditions at the time of booking and may differ from the actual times.

Booking trips for BVG Muva Lift Substitute

When booking in the BVG Muva app, the user is guided through the booking process. The booking is completed by tapping the ‘Book this ride’ button.

In order for a suitable vehicle to be provided, users can provide information on mobility restrictions.

Booking trips for BVG Muva Flexible Ride

When booking rides with BVG Muva Flexible Ride, a payment method must be entered, unless credit has been added to the user account in accordance with 6(2) by means of a voucher card. The reason for this is that ‘comfort surcharges’ are payable for BVG Muva Flexible Ride.

The booking is completed by tapping the ‘Book this ride’ button.

6. BVG Muva Flexible Ride payment methods

SEPA direct debit, credit card, and PayPal can be selected as payment methods. To enter the payment method, users are redirected to the LOGPAY Financial Services GmbH (LOGPAY) site and must enter the data requested there.

Alternatively, credit can be purchased using a voucher card. The credit is loaded onto the app by entering the voucher code on the voucher card and is reduced accordingly with each payment. Purchased voucher cards will not be exchanged if the voucher code has already been scratched off. The BVG Muva Flexible Ride call centre is available to answer questions regarding the refund of remaining credit.

From 01/01/2023, the BVG reserves the right not to make specific means of payment available in future.

The BVG will invoice the user. Invoices can be viewed and downloaded in the user account in the BVG Muva app. A receipt for each ride is sent by email immediately after the ride. The ‘comfort surcharge’ payable for each booking is collected by the payment service provider LOGPAY, to which all such payments, including any ancillary claims and fees, have been sold and assigned (notice of assignment). LOGPAY is also authorised to collect payments in its own name and for its own account.

7. Availability of the BVG Muva app

The BVG will rectify malfunctions that affect the availability of the BVG Muva app as quickly as possible.

The BVG reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the BVG Muva app at any time for good cause, e.g. for maintenance and security reasons. The BVG will inform the user within a reasonable period before the time of the change by means of a durable data medium (e.g. email).

A functioning internet connection is required to use the app. The BVG will not be liable for any costs that may be incurred for this, nor for any other third-party services (e.g. mobile phone services).

Maintenance work, retrofits or upgrades, errors or bugs, and other causes or circumstances may lead to interruptions or errors in the operation of the app. Technical faults will be rectified immediately as far as possible.

The user is obliged to ensure regular data backups in accordance with the state of the art.

In all other respects, statutory warranty law shall apply.

8. Information on copyright/right of use

The BVG Muva app is protected by copyright.
BVG is and remains the owner of the rights of use to the BVG Muva app or parts thereof as well as the logos, trademarks, and brands of BVG and Via. Users are granted a non-exclusive, time-limited, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable right to use the BVG Muva app in accordance with these terms and conditions of use. Lawful use is limited to

  • installation of the BVG Muva app on a mobile device in the possession of the user,
  • reproduction for loading, displaying, saving, using the BVG Muva app,
  • making of a backup copy of the BVG Muva app by a person authorised to do so pursuant to Section 69(2) of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (UrhG).

Certain materials made available for download from or via the BVG Muva app may be subject to additional or different licence terms. The BVG Muva app contains content from users and BVG licensors. Users may not copy, modify, translate, publish, transmit, distribute, display, or sell content accessible on or via the BVG Muva app.

The BVG Muva app may only be used in such a way that no impairment or damage to the BVG Muva app occurs. Security mechanisms in the BVG Muva app must not be circumvented or altered.

9. Liability

  1. The BVG shall only be liable for its own negligence.
  2. In the event of data loss, the BVG’s liability is limited to reimbursement of the costs incurred for restoring the data from electronic backup media.

    If user accounts are used contrary to this policy, the BVG may suspend or terminate them and prevent access to the app at its discretion, including in the event of future sign-up attempts.

    The EU Commission provides an internet platform for the online resolution of disputes (the ‘ODR platform’). The ODR platform can currently be accessed at the following link: The first point of contact is the BVG at However, BVG is neither willing nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before consumer arbitration boards insofar as the BVG Muva app falls within the scope of this regulation.
  3. Unless the user has objected, the BVG Muva app may contain links to third-party websites and applications, including the opportunity to purchase goods and services or participate in special contests, sweepstakes, and other promotions (‘promotions’) offered by our business partners, charities, sponsors, or third parties (‘third-party partners’). Users are responsible for whether they choose to access or use them.
    The BVG is not responsible for and does not endorse any features, content, advertising, products, or other materials on other websites or applications and shall not be liable for them or any matters arising from their use. The BVG is not liable for any content published by third parties. The BVG neither approves of these nor is it responsible for third-party content.
  4. With regard to the BVG’s liability for damage not arising from the use of the BVG Muva app, in particular damage in connection with transport, the statutory provisions and Section 17 of the VBB Fares Scale, Part A apply.

10. Changes to the terms and conditions of use

The BVG is entitled to change the terms and conditions of use as necessary.
Users will be informed of amended policies in text form (e.g. via the app or by email) at least six (6) weeks before they come into force.

Last updated: [30/08/2022]