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Your new BVG Fahrinfo-App

From the best connection to the best ticket – we’ve got it all.

Our BVG Fahrinfo-App is good. And yellow. Now we want to make it even better, faster, clearer, prettier, and simpler. That’s why we’re working hard on the new Fahrinfo-App. To make sure it works the way you and we want it to, we need your help as a beta tester. 

Be a beta tester for the BVG Fahrinfo-App

If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can take part in our beta test of the new Fahrinfo-App (beta test app).

Click here for the beta test:

You have the opportunity to test how good the revised design has become, how functional the new ticketing area has become and whether there should be any improvements.

You can send us your feedback by e-mail (see below). 

Important information for beta testers:

We are starting with a limited number of users per Android and iOS. But don't worry, we will gradually increase the number. If you want to participate in the beta test, this is important to understand:

  • The beta test app in the Android or iOS beta version overrides the existing Fahrinfo-App version on your Android or iOS smartphone!
  • All valid tickets and all ticket settings will not be transferred (more on this below).
  • The beta test app may be less stable and some functions may not yet be fully developed.
  • We are initially only starting with PayPal as a payment method and not all fare types/tickets will initially be available.
  • You can exit the beta test at any time and reinstall the BVG Fahrinfo-App from the stores. After logging in, all your previously valid tickets will be available again.

How can I quit the beta test?

Android User:

To exit the beta test programme of the Fahrinfo app, the following steps must be carried out:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for the beta Fahrinfo app you are currently testing.
  3. Tap on the app and select the "Exit" option to exit the beta programme
  4. After exiting the beta programme, uninstall the beta version of the Fahrinfo-App from your device
  5. Go to the Google Play Store again.
  6. Search for the known Fahrinfo app and install the store version of the Fahrinfo-App.

Please note that these instructions only apply to Android.

IOS users:

  1. Open the Testflight app.
  2. Click on the Fahrinfo-App and then on "End testing".
  3. The driving info beta version is deleted from the Testflight app.
  4. Now uninstall the beta version of the Fahrinfo-App.
  5. Now go to the App Store.
  6. Search for the Fahrinfo app and install the store version of the Fahrinfo app.

Please note that these instructions only apply to IOS.

Feel free to give feedback

As a beta tester, we trust and hope for your feedback. This helps us to improve the Android or iOS version of the new BVG Fahrinfo-App (beta test app). You are our first point of contact for making our app the product you want to use in the future. We want to know from you how the new layout and design works under real conditions and how you like it. Tell us about any problems you notice when using the beta test app. Send us tips and suggestions as soon as you notice something about the beta test app you notice. Please provide us with any other useful information about the problem or suggestion so that we can reproduce it quickly and easily.

If you would like to send us feedback, this should be done as soon as possible, especially after you have recognised a possible problem. 

Send feedback to: (please write as subject: Feedback Android NFIA or iOS beta test app)

Or directly from the app under Service / App Info / Email to Support (please do not change the subject line here).

Have fun testing
Your BVG Fahrinfo app team