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VBB customer card Berlin S

Since 1 January 2023, Berliners who receive benefits can purchase the Berlin ticket S (social ticket) at a reduced price of 9 euros. The ticket entitles the holder to use all public transport in the AB fare zone.

The Berlin ticket S costs only €9 per month until the end of December 2024 - the VBB customer card Berlin S is required for this. The Berlin ticket S can be used temporarily with a valid benefit or grant notice plus identity document.

The berlinpass was replaced at the turn of the year 2022 / 2023 by a new proof of eligibility, the proof of eligibility of the respective service point. This proof of eligibility is required to apply for the new VBB Berlin S customer card. This must be presented together with the Berlin-Ticket S at ticket inspections. As a transitional measure, the Berlin ticket S can also be used with a valid grant or benefit notification. For data protection reasons, personal information may be blacked out.

Must be clearly recognizable:

  • the letterhead
  • Title of the letter (notification of approval / benefit)
  • Surname and first name
  • approval period
  • respective number for the transfer to the value section

But not only the procedure is new, the price of the Berlin Social Ticket has also changed: The Berlin Ticket S costs only €9 per month instead of €27.50 until the end of December 2024.

VBB customer card Berlin S
For you to use the social ticket, you need the VBB customer card Berlin S. It is not issued at BVG customer centres, but can only be applied for online here.

If you have any questions about the VBB customer card Berlin S, please visit the website or contact our BVG call center: 030 19449.

Purchase of Berlin ticket S
The social ticket, which is discounted to 9 euros, can now be purchased at ticket machines, in private agencies or in the ticket app and the BVG Fahrinfo app. It is now possible to buy tickets at customer centers possible, but this is not recommended due to the high number of people expected.

Proof of eligibility
This proof replaces the former berlinpass. It is issued automatically by the relevant benefits office.