29-euro subscription offer

A perfect start to your journey:

  • October to December 2022
  • €29 a month
  • Unlimited travel in fare zone AB

Simply go online to sign up for a subscription.

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The 29-euro subscription offer applies to subscriptions for Berlin fare zone AB
It covers the following VBB subscription tickets:

  • VBB eco-tickets paid monthly or annually
  • 10 o’clock tickets paid monthly or annually
  • VBB corporate tickets paid monthly or annually
  • Trainee tickets paid monthly 

Customers who already have one of these subscription tickets automatically benefit from this offer and do not need to do anything.

There is no separate 29-euro ticket in the form of a monthly ticket, as there was, for example, with the 9-euro ticket. Monthly tickets in apps, at ticket machines, agencies, and customer centres etc. are not reduced in price.