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The BVG corporate ticket.

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It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Request agreement

IIf you’re interested, please fill out our online form.

After processing your information, we’ll send the corporate ticket agreement to your company by post for your to sign.

2. Sign agreement

The signed corporate ticket agreement needs to be returned to us by post. Once the agreement enters into force, your employees can order their corporate tickets online.

3. Order corporate tickets

After your employees have ordered their corporate tickets, they’ll be sent to them at your company or directly to their home addresses in the form of an electronic VBB-fahrCard.

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Requirements for a corporate ticket agreement:

The corporate ticket agreement can be signed by a company, acting as the employer, and the BVG. This entitles employees of the company to use the BVG corporate ticket. Employers can choose between payment by invoice or direct debit and sign up for a corporate ticket agreement if

  • at least five employees want to participate in the scheme
  • they pay an employer contribution of at least 10 euros per month and participating employee
  • they sign up for an agreement lasting at least 12 months
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Fare information

The new BVG corporate ticket is available at an attractive price that includes the BVG’s own discount and the employer contribution.

  • For every employer contribution of at least 10 euros a month per employee, a public transport discount of 4 euros a month per employee is added
  • If the employer contribution increases to at least 15 euros, the public transport discount doubles to 8 euros

The public transport discount is deducted directly from the ticket price. The specific amount of the employer contribution is decided internally and applied to employees’ salaries. If they want, of course, companies can pay for the corporate ticket in full. The public transport discount, however, remains a maximum of 8 euros.

Example calculation with monthly payment:

Employer contribution min. 10 euros:

63,42 EUR

AB eco-ticket

- 10,00 EUR

Employer contribution

- 4,00 EUR

Public transport discount

= 49,42 EUR

BVG corporate ticket price

Employer contribution min. 15 euros:

63,42 EUR

AB eco-ticket

- 15,00 EUR

Employer contribution

- 8,00 EUR

Public transport discount

= 40,42 EUR

BVG corporate ticket price

Fare zone price summary


Frequently asked questions

  • We’d like to sign our company up for a corporate ticket agreement. What are the requirements and what do we need to do?

    The new corporate ticket has been available since 1 September 2019. To apply for it, you, the employer, must have signed a corporate ticket agreement with us and have at least five employees who want to participate in the scheme. Sound good? Then please apply via our online form. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

  • We’ve signed a corporate ticket agreement. What do our employees need to do to get their tickets?

    If you, the employer, have signed a corporate ticket agreement, your employees can apply for their tickets as follows the company’s contact person or their employees can log in here, complete the application and upload their photos.

    The requested corporate tickets will then be sent either to the company (invoice agreement) or directly to the employees’ home addresses (direct debit agreement).

  • My employees already have another subscription ticket but would like to switch to the corporate ticket. How does that work?

    Employees who already have a VBB-eco ticket and want to switch to the BVG corporate ticket can easily send their cancellation request while applying for their corporate ticket online.

    Please note that in both cases cancellations must be received by us by the 10th of the month preceding the month in which the corporate ticket is due to commence.

    - Your employees can log in here
    - They start the ordering process for their corporate ticket
    - they state their cancellation request under “Persönliche Angaben”
    - After all other data is filled in, they send their application for the BVG corporate ticket including their cancellation request for their VBB-eco ticket off

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