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Right on demand:

Flexible rides with BVG Muva.

BVG Muva is the ideal addition to classic public transport. The vehicles are a great opportunity for
flexibility on the roads of Berlin. The rides are without a fixed timetable. Because BVG Muva is on
offer whenever you need it. Basically for your demand.

Comfortably and without stress to your destination

With BVG Muva you travel through Berlin stress-free and without long searches for a parking spot.
Additionally you are doing good for our environment. Since the service bundles trips, you can even
book it in advance. You simply call the BVG Muva call center or book it conveniently via the app.
Afterwards BVG Muva suggests routes for you with the best possible connections or drives you
directly to your final destination. You can use the service for your commutes to work, for shopping or
a night-out. For questions regarding the service or bookings simply call the BVG Muva call center on
(030) 256 23 3 33 or find out more via the app.

Find out more about the BVG Muva app

BVG Muva is only available in East Berlin

BVG Muva drives specifically in a so-called „service area“, which includes parts of the following districts: Lichtenberg, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Treptow-Köpenick and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. However, you can plan your entire trip via BVG Muva by getting shown the best possible route suggestions for your travels within Berlin.

Einsatzgebiet des BVG Muva Flexible Fahrt als Karte.
  • In the west, the service area is bordered by the Ringbahn between Ostkreuz and Frankfurter Allee stations.
  • In the north, the boundary runs between Frankfurter Allee and Lichtenberg stations along Frankfurter Allee, from there to the city border along the railway line served by the S5 in the direction of Strausberg. The northern part of Kaulsdorf is also served by BVG Muva.
  • In the south, the Spree delimits the service area as far as Köpenick, with the exception of Schöneweide S-Bahn station.
  • In the east, the service area ends at the city border between the railway line and the Spree.

For a detailled overview of the service area you can find the map here on point 28.3.1.

BVG Muva rides around the clock.

BVG Muva is a service on demand which means: you call BVG Muva whenever you need it. It runs seven days a week – even on bank holidays. Around the clock and not just at certain times. You can also plan your trip up to 7 days in advance or book it directly for a ride.

BVG Muva is flexible.

Whether it’s for a connecting trip from or to the station, for a stress-free commute or simply for leisure time: BVG Muva is a step-free and comfortable connection to public transport in order to enjoy all of its freedom. You determine the destination within the valid fare zone and decide where the journey goes. Everything is possible within the service area.

BVG Muva is affordable.

When using BVG Muva, you’ll need a VBB ticket for the valid fare zone. This can be a single ticket, valid season tickets (subscriptions) or a day ticket.
The pricing is calculated differently depending on the two options:

  • If you are planning a trip with a connecting public transport route, you will receive different route suggestions on how to get to your destination. If the route includes a BVG Muva ride, the flat-rate surcharge is 1 EUR for the booking person and free of charge for any additional accompanying person up to 4 people in total.
  • If you want to ride directly to your final destination with BVG Muva, the surcharge is 1 EUR per kilometer and free of charge for each accompanying person up to 4 people in total.

If you travel with e.g. family members, friends or companions, the rides get cheaper: You only book once. All accompanying you ride free of charge. In comparison: if everyone books individually, you each pay the regular surcharge. When booking via the app you can pay the surcharge with PayPal, credit card or direct debit. Another option: You buy your VBB ticket in advance and pay the surcharge in cash at the driver.

BVG Muva is for all.

Before we forget it: BVG Muva adresses every Berliner within the service area – not just people that need a step-free access. BVG Muva offers an inclusive service for all car users, commuters and people with restricted mobility in order to get a comfortable and step-free access to public transport.

BVG Muva offers a great service.

The call center answers all service-related questions and bookings around the clock via the phone number 030 256 23 3 33.

BVG Muva is easy to find.

BVG Muva vehicles are clearly recognizable and marked with the logo of the service. You can contact the driver via the app for an easy communication and meeting at the virtual stop*.

*Virtual stops
A virtual stop is only displayed in the app; there are no physical stop signs. Virtual stops are spread out throughout the service area. They should be no more than 300 meters away from you. The stops are clearly marked, either by house numbers or points of interest. The exact location is displayed in the app. You can let the app navigate directly to the virtual stop by activating the location. Telephone route guiding through our call center is currently at the planning stage.

BVG Muva transports children/buggies.

Buggies can be taken along if folded up. Child seats are available for children weighing 9 kg and over. Infant carriers have to be brought on your own.

Any questions? This way to the FAQ.