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Invite friends to BVG Muva

Referral program

Our partner Via is offering a referral program via the BVG Muva app from May 15, 2023. In the menu via the app you can find the button "Invite friends", where all users of the BVG Muva app (flexible journey and elevator replacement) can invite people to the program. Via has provided 1,500 vouchers for €20 each. The vouchers are available till stocks last.

All those referred receive a credit of €20 from Via, which will show up on the customer account upon registration. After the successful completion of a trip by an aquired, the referrer will also be issued with a credit of €20. The credit can only be used to pay the Muva surcharge. The offer is a gift from Via and is limited. Credits that are activated in the app can be used up until December 31, 2025 and will expire after that date. A payout in cash is not possible, also not for any remaining credit.

How it works:

  • All registered passengers (referrer) can recruit new customers (aquired) via the “Invite Friends” menu item in the app.
  • In order to do so the referrer needs to share their individual code (automatically generated) with family and friends (aquired) via the existing options in the app (e.g. WhatsApp, Messages, Email).
  • The predefined message contains the individual code, the amount of credit and a link to download the BVG Muva app in the Play or App Store.
  • After the person aquired has downloaded the app and registered, the code can be entered in the menu item under “Promo Codes”.
  • After entering the code, the aquired receives the credit to use for their first trip.
  • The referrer will receive the same amount of credit after the aquired completes their first ride.
  • Newly aquired users can also refer other people.