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Lift substitute

No lift, or it’s broken down? And stairs are not an option?

You can order a BVG Muva quickly and easily by calling or using the app. BVG Muva is here for you if you rely on a lift and the alternative public transport route to your destination would take considerably longer. BVG Muva enables accessible travel along the U8, on parts of the U5, and between Attilastraße and Marienfelde S-Bahn stations (in both directions). 
The service is initially being tested, with the aim of obtaining a better understanding of demand. The BVG will also learn how best to serve the demand. In particular, we’re testing new vehicle types, signage, and service processes. We invite you to participate. 

Service area

Along the U8, on parts of the U5 (Frankfurter Allee, Magdalenenstraße, Lichtenberg, Friedrichsfelde, Tierpark, including the connected stations of crossing S-Bahn lines), and between Attilastraße and Marienfelde S-Bahn stations (in both directions). 

Das Bild zeigt eine Skizze von Berlin und seinen Bezirken. Der Fernsehturm ist zur Orientierung im Bezirk Mitte eingezeichnet. Neben der Unterteilung in die Bezirke, die namentlich aufgeführt sind, ist außerdem das Bediengebiet des BVG Muva entlang der U8, an Teilen der U5 und zwischen S Marienfelde und S Attilastraße eingezeichnet.

Operating hours

BVG Muva runs during the operating hours of the underground and S-Bahn on the above-mentioned routes in the Berlin fare zone.


  • A valid VBB ticket is sufficient
  • Aids (e.g. walking stick, wheelchair, etc.) can be taken along free of charge.
  • Free use of public transport and BVG Muva with valid token in disabled person’s pass**
  • Disabled person’s passes with the symbol ‘B’ can take along an accompanying person or an assistance dog with them free of charge**

**To prove your eligibility, you must show the driver your disabled person’s pass and the supplementary sheet with an affixed or integrated valid token from the relevant local government body.

Everyone can travel

All public transport users can also use BVG Muva. The service is particularly aimed at persons with limited mobility, senior citizens, persons with buggies or small children, pregnant women, injured persons, and persons with luggage. Priority transport is given to people with limited mobility as defined in Section 228 of the Social Code IX.

Booking options

Book your BVG Muva by phone or app. In both cases you’ll need to sign up, as our BVG Muva service is based on pooled journeys.

BVG Muva call centre

  • Tel.: 030 256 55 5 55
  • Available during underground and S-Bahn operating hours plus +/- 20 minutes
  • Our staff can help you during booking

BVG Muva app

  • Download free of charge from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Easy sign-up and uncomplicated booking process
  • More info on the BVG Muva app


You’ll easily find your stop or BVG Muva stop with the help of our route guide. The stop is marked with a pole. If you book in the app, you can contact the driver to find your BVG Muva more easily. Or you can always call the call centre on 030 256 55 5 55. Our staff will be happy to help. 

Taking along small children/buggies

If folded up, buggies can be taken along. Child seats are available for children weighing 9 kg and over, but not infant carriers. Please indicate your requirements when booking.

Any questions? This way to the FAQs.

Details to the BVG Muva app