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Tariff Zones

General information about tariff zone A, B and C
The Berlin tariff area is divided into the sub-areas A, B and C. Tariff zone C also covers the rural districts surrounding the city. The city of Potsdam belongs to Berlin’s tariff zone C as well.

Tariff zone Berlin A:
Inner city of Berlin including the the S-Bahn ring.

Tariff zone Berlin B:
Outside the S-Bahn ring until the city limits.

Tariff zone Berlin C:
Rural districts surrounding Berlin (approx. 15 km around the state of Berlin), including the city of Potsdam. Depending on your needs, you can obtain tickets for the combined tariff zones AB, BC, as well as ABC. If you hold a ticket for tariff zone AB, you are always on the right track within the Berlin city limits! The network map for Berlin ABC shows you exactly to which tariff zone each station belongs.