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Questions about questions? Here you get answers!

  • Subscriptions

    • Change subscription

      If your address or bank details have changed, you can notify us online. You can change your tariff area at any customer center or sales outlet. Or you can simply contact our chatbot.

      Change subscription online
    • Cancel subscription

      You can easily cancel your subscription via our contact form. Please note that your subscription discount will be cancelled in case of early cancellation. For already used days you will have to pay extra.

      To the form
    • Find customer number

      Your customer number is on every letter you receive from us. If you don't have one at hand, you can alternatively find it on your account statements. Your customer number is indicated here for each of our direct debits.

    • Lost student ticket

      No need to worry, you can simply order a new one. You will need your customer number and a passport photo. Attention: There is a fee of 10 € for the processing.

      Order new student ticket
  • Tickets & Tariffs

    • Tariff regulations

      How long is my one-way ticket valid? For which tickets are there reduced prices? You can find answers to these and all other questions about our fares on the product pages of our tickets.

      All tickets
    • Tariff areas & tariff zones

      ABC, BC, AB – you're not sure which fare zones you'll cross on your way to work and whether Potsdam is in the C zone or not? With our overview of the fare zones, you can keep track of everything.

      To tarif informations
    • Conditions of carriage

      Stroller, grandma, dog – what, who and how many you can take with you for free with which ticket and where you have to pay extra, we explain on the product pages of our tickets.

      Conditions of carriage
    • Ticket control

      Of course, on the day you forgot your monthly ticket at home, you are checked. Good that we have summarized all the important information about ticket checks and increased transport charges for you.

      Ticket control
    • Tariff changes

      If the prices of the tickets change, you can find out here how to proceed with your old tickets and which tickets remain valid. (Page is currently only available in German)

      To the german page
    • Prepaid card

      Load up, start riding. The BVG credit card is a rechargeable means of payment for the purchase of
      BVG tickets on our buses and in BVG customer centers. It works like cash - but contactless! 

      All information about the prepaid card
  • Apps

    • Ticket-app

      You know our route network inside out and just want to buy your ticket quickly and conveniently? Then you'll love our ticket app. Simply select the ticket you want, activate it and off you go!

    • Fahrinfo-app

      No matter where you want to go - with the Fahrinfo app you are guaranteed to find the fastest and most convenient route. And because we like to make things especially easy for you, you can also buy your ticket directly here.

    • Jelbi-app

      Tickets, connections, car, bike, train – in the Jelbi app you can find everything at once. To log in, simply use your BVG account. You can also access all invoices for your bookings.

    • Ticket purchase via app

      Can I buy tickets for friends via the ticket apps? Where do I get an invoice for my tickets? We answer these and many other questions in our FAQ. 

      See app FAQ
  • Customer Centers & Shops

    • Customer Centers & Shops

      Find out what you can do at customer centers, travel markets and kiosks, and where there is a BVG outlet near you.

      To Customer Centers & Shops
  • Tourist information

    • For tourists

      Here you can find all important information about arrival and departure, tourist tickets and the most exciting sights of Berlin.

      All tourist information
  • Barriere-free traveling

    • Barriere-free traveling overview

      Here you will find, among other things, information about the VBB escort service and learn what BVG is doing to make life a little easier for people with disabilities.

      To barriere-free traveling
    • Mobility trainings

      Are you in a wheelchair or otherwise physically limited and unsure what you need to consider when using our vehicles? Then our mobility training courses are just right for you! 

      Find out about the mobility trainings
  • Regulations & Rules

    • Passenger rights

      We don't just want to get you from A to B, we want you to feel good about it – no matter who you are or where you come from. That's why all our customers have the same rights. However, should you ever feel disadvantaged, we are always ready to listen to you.

      See passenger rights
    • Usage policy

      Would you like it if someone skateboarded in your apartment or just threw their trash in the hallway? Neither would we. That's why there are rules in the publicly accessible areas of the BVG that you also have to abide by.

      See usage policy
    • Videoaufnahmen

      Wir möchten, dass du dich auf deiner Fahrt mit uns wohl fühlst. Zu deiner Sicherheit, zur Erfüllung unserer Aufgaben sowie zur Wahrung und Durchsetzung unseres Hausrechts sind deshalb unsere Fahrzeuge und baulichen Anlagen mit Videotechnik* ausgestattet.

  • More service topics

    • Lost & Found office

      Left your cell phone on the streetcar? Found a cuddly toy that suffers from homesickness? Then our lost and found office at the station S+U Warschauer Straße is the right address for you. Lost property is stored here for 6 weeks. And you can use our online lost and found office to find out which items were handed in to us and when.

      See page
    • Emergencies

      Nur wenn wir aufeinander Acht geben, kommen wir alle sicher an unser Ziel. Deswegen haben wir für dich klare Regeln und Handlungsempfehlungen formuliert, damit du in Notfällen schnell und richtig vorgehen und somit dir selbst und deinen Mitmenschen helfen kannst.

      See page
    • Customer guarantee

      We stand by our mistakes. That's why we also compensate you if, for example, we are the reason for your soiled clothes or you only reach your destination with considerable delays because of us.

      See customer guarantee
    • Report ticket machine malfunction

      The ticket machine has swallowed your money? You can report these and similar problems to us by filling out the form and requesting a refund.

      Download PDF in German
    • Music, filming, photography

      We love you – and your musical talent. But even when making music alone or together, rules apply: You can get a permit to make music in our facilities for €10 per day at our customer office at Michaelbrücke.

      See the page
  • Support

    • The digital Service-Bot

      All answers to your questions and the suitable contact forms for your request.

      Get help here